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bluehost coupon discount web hosting
bluehost coupon discount web hosting

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Bluehost

1) They offer unlimited disk space, data transfer, and domain names on single account. If you have a lot of sites to host, you can do it all under a single account with Bluehost, on the cheap.

2) They give e-commerce sites free shared SSL certificates, and support shopping carts, WordPress, and other software that users can use to build their web store. Don’t have an e-commerce site? No problem, they also support things like phpBB, Coppermine, Joomla, Tikiwiki, and others.

3) They have award-winning 24/7/365 support available by phone, e-mail, or through an easy to use ticketing service. Their support staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and can give users assistance with virtually any facet of their hosting account.

4) Bluehost offers ‘VPS Protection’ at shared hosting prices. They carefully monitor all of their servers both with special software and manually, and ensure that sites that end up being resource hogs don’t affect the performance of the other sites they share a server with. This gives users plenty of server uptime, consistent site performance, and other features they would normally only get with virtual private server hosting. This service is also available for all of their hosting plans, even down to their inexpensive $7.99 shared plan ($2.95 with coupon here).

5) The company offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If a client is unsatisfied with their service or performance, they can request their money back.

6) Bluehost submits users’ sites to search engines for free. This takes a lot of the work out of having to do so manually, and saves users money on paying search engine submission services to do it for them.

7) Both of Bluehost’s shared hosting options are budget-friendly. A basic plan starts at just $7.99 per month (limited time offer – $2.95 with coupon here) , and still comes with all of the great things Bluehost coupon offers, like unlimited disk space. If users find that the basic plan doesn’t meet their needs, they can choose Bluehost’s Pro plan for just $13.95 per month with the coupon here, which offers all of the same features as their standard plan, and more.

8 ) Bluehost gives users at least one year of free domain name use when they sign up for a new account, saving users money on domain registration. This, coupled with Bluehost’s budget-friendly pricing, makes them a very reasonable alternative to other web hosting companies.

9) Bluehost often offers even further discounts on their services. With the coupon here, you can find their standard shared hosting plan with ‘VPS Protection’ priced as low as $3.95 per month. That’s very inexpensive for regular shared hosting, let alone the kind of shared hosting Bluehost offers their clients.

10) Bluehost has a great record when it comes to server uptime. Their servers are up and firing 99.9% of the time, which is higher than the industry standard. If users need a web host that provides reliable, consistent performance with a lot of server uptime at a reasonable cost, they need to choose Bluehost.

Bluehost Hosting Plans

Bluehost provides affordable, reliable web hosting solutions at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. They offer hosting plans starting from $7.99 per month ($2.95 with the coupon here, and can cater to personal site owners, business owners, or even resellers.

Blue host’s reseller hosting comes in three varieties- Sky Blue, Electric Blue, or True Blue. Sky Blue is their budget option at $19.95 a month, which entitles resellers to 100 GB of disk space, 15 Mbps of bandwidth, unlimited accounts, and a free domain name. Electric Blue is in the middle at $49.95 per month, which gives users 250 GB of disk space, 25Mbps of bandwidth, unlimited accounts, and a free domain. True Blue is their top of the line reseller plan at $99.95 per month, which offers 500 GB of disk space, 35 Mbps of bandwidth, unlimited accounts, and a free domain. All of their reseller hosting entitles users to unlimited domains, subdomains, cPanels, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, and e-mail addresses, as well as the use of private nameservers and support for ClientExec, WHMAutoPilot, and WHMCS.

The company also offers shared hosting for website owners and businesses, starting at around $2.95 per month. Their basic, plan grants customers unlimited disk space; unlimited domain hosting; one year of a domain name; support for IMAP and POP3 e-mail; unlimited forwarding e-mail accounts; unlimited site transfer; unlimited subdomains, add on domains, and parked domains; a cPanel account control panel; access to site statistics; and fully customizable error pages. They also provide easy installation of free website scripts, including phpBB, form mail scripts, blog support like WordPress, Tikiwiki, Joomla, Drupal, image galleries like Coppermine, and multiple e-commerce and multimedia features.

For users who need more than Bluehost’s basic shared plan offers, there is also their Pro hosting plan, for $23.99 per month $13.95 with this bluehost coupon. This plan includes all of the features offered by their standard hosting plan, in addition to more CPU, memory, and resources, a free, dedicated IP address, free domain privacy, ten free anti-spam accounts, a free SSL certificate, and more.

Though Bluehost’s regular hosting plans are all shared hosting, the company offers users ‘VPS protection.’ This provides protection for clients from other users who hog resources, provides very consistent website performance, and gives them some of the features normally available only with a virtual private server. That said, this VPS protection is completely seamless, and does not require any action or input from the user themselves. This service comes at no additional cost to users, and is included with all of their shared hosting accounts.

Bluehost provides a number of hosting options that can suit a variety of needs. Though they don’t offer VPS hosting for regular web or business use, their shared hosting plans give users many of the same benefits that a virtual private server would. In addition, Bluehost’s reseller accounts are competitively priced, and allow users to carve up their account space for resale indefinitely- so there’s virtually no limit to the money resellers can make using their Bluehost account.

BlueHost Review – User Reviews of Blue Host Web hosting

Bluehost is known for providing VPS protection at shared hosting prices. Though Bluehost doesn’t offer much variety in their hosting plans (they have three reseller plans, and one regular hosting plan), their service is affordable, their support team is very good, and their plans come bundled with loads of amenities.

Their shared hosting plan starts at just $7.95 per month (limited time offer – $2.95 with coupon here), but offers users unlimited disk storage, web transfer, and add-on domains. This is great for people with several websites, since they can host all of them under one account, on one hosting plan, for just $2.95 per month. Even those users who need the added features provided by their Pro hosting account only have to pay $23.95 per month, which makes these hosting options great for people who want to keep their overhead low.

Bluehost also offers 99.9% uptime, which is above the industry standard. Businesses and e-commerce sites will love Bluehost’s servers’ reliability, since it ensures that they won’t lose business because of a server problem. Bluehost’s ‘VPS Protection’ service helps to cut down on services being hogged by other users, which means that nobody’s websites will end up affected by the other sites hosted on their server. This gives people plenty of uptime, and performance similar to what they would get with an isolated virtual private server. This ‘VPS Protection’ is also available to all of their hosting accounts at no cost, which means that users can take advantage of it for as little as $2.95 per month.

Bluehost offers a lot of support for different scripts, including one-click installation for some of them. Whether a client wants to install WordPress, phpBB, Joomla, Coppermine, or any of a number of e-commerce or multimedia widgets, Bluehost can help. This makes it a really versatile service for both individuals and businesses. No matter what kind of website someone wants to set up, whether they’re looking for a gallery page for their photography, or a shopping cart for their e-commerce site, Bluehost offers support and easy installation of everything they need to do it.

One thing users should consider before choosing Bluehost is whether or not their sites are likely to end up hogging a lot of resources. Since Bluehost tries to protect the other sites on their servers with their ‘VPS Protection’ service, they throttle the resource usage of sites that they see exceeding certain parameters. This is useful for the other sites on the server, but means that Bluehost can end up choking a site’s performance for any reason, since there isn’t really a way for site owners to know otherwise.

Bluehost is a versatile, inexpensive hosting provider that can cater to a variety of users’ needs. Though they don’t offer a large number of different plans, the fact that they provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space means that they don’t necessarily need to. Whether users opt for the bluehost coupon budget-fiendly $3.95 plan, go for the $19.95 Pro plan, or invest in a reseller account, they’re getting a bargain on all of the features Bluehost provides.

Bluehost SimpleScripts One Click Installer

SimpleScripts is a fast, easy-to-use installation script. It helps keep users from having to go through the time and effort it takes to download a program like WordPress, decompress the files, upload them to their Bluehost account, and then go through the actual installation process. Instead, SimpleScripts allows users to complete the entire installation in about four minutes, with just a couple mouse clicks and an easy to understand web form.

SimpleScripts operates very similarly to Fantastico, QuickInstaller, and other installation scripts. It can be accessed through cPanel or another control panel. To use SimpleScripts, the user must login to their control panel, and click on the SimpleScripts icon (it should look like a blue box with a white greater-than and less-than sign inside of it). This will open up the SimpleScripts window, which shows the user all of the software that they have to choose from for their installation. This software is broken down by type. There’s a category for Blogs, Forums, RSS burners, Forms and Surveys, and more. In this instance, WordPress will be under ‘Blogs.’

Clicking on WordPress (or its icon) will bring up a page with information about WordPress, as well as a section titled ‘Installation Options’ with a green button that says ‘Install Now.’ Clicking on this green button will initiate the installation process, bringing the user to the form they will use to set up the parameters for their WordPress installation.

The first stage of the installation process itself gives the user the option to choose which version of WordPress to install. Bluehost supports up to the latest version of WordPress, so it usually behooves most users to select that one. The remainder of this page is a simple form that requests information from the user, like where they would like WordPress installed, the name of their site, and whether they would like SimpleScripts to randomly generate a name for WordPress’ MySQL database and database administrator. Leaving these options checked will randomly generate them, unchecking them will allow the user to name them. At the bottom of the page, it will indicate whether the server meets all of the requirements needed to run WordPress. If this is the case, the user can click on ‘Complete’ to finish the installation.

After WordPress has been successfully installed to the user’s Bluehost account, the page will display a message stating that the installation was successful, and giving the user their website URL, admin name, and password. At this point, the user can use their FTP client to upload and install any plugins, themes, or other addons they want to use for their WordPress installation.

Bluehost and SimpleScripts make it easy to create your own WordPress-based website. Though WordPress was developed as blogging software, it has been expanded to create everything from portfolios to e-commerce sites. If you’re a fan of using WordPress, Bluehost can give you the hosting solutions you need to make sure your WordPress site runs perfectly.

Bluehost Python and Ruby on Rails Support

Both Python and Ruby are high-level programming languages. Both of them are very popular among web developers since they have a rapid development cycle. Python was created with the goal of maximizing the programmer’s productivity and producing a readable code that was easy to debug. Ruby was produced with the goal of making programming pleasant, and giving programmers more than one way to accomplish the same task. Both are object-oriented languages, both have full Unicode support, and both support the idea of metaclasses, or classes that are treated as objects.

While not a language itself, Ruby on Rails is a framework for working with Ruby. It offers developers templates and engines to streamline the programming process, and make things like creating basic websites easier. With this Ruby framework, programming applications that previously could have taken months to develop can be created in a matter of days or weeks, instead. Ruby on Rails was designed with the idea of ‘Convention over configuration’ and ‘Don’t Repeat Yourself’ in mind. Convention over configuration saves programmers time by automatically naming areas within databases with the corresponding name in the model. Don’t repeat yourself saves time by locating all of an application’s pertinent information in a single place. Ruby on Rails relies on a web browser in order to run, and is an open source application.

Bluehost supports Python, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails. This makes it an attractive hosting solution for web developers, since these two languages and Ruby’s framework are all very popular among them. A lot of large sites, like Twitter, Shopify, and Groupon, are all built with Ruby on Rails. Many others, like Shopzilla, rely on Python. Right now, Bluehost offers users Ruby on Rails version 2.3.4, and Python versions 2.6 and 2.4.3.

To access Python, Bluehost users must login to SSH (Secure Shell, Bluehost’s network protocol) and type ‘python’ in shell. To use the later version of Python, Python 2.6, the user must type in ‘python 2.6.’ To access Ruby on Rails, Bluehost users must type in ‘rails.’ Not all gems for Ruby on Rails are installed on Bluehost, chiefly for security reasons. Bluehost users can determine if Bluehost has upgraded their versions of Python and Ruby on Rails logging in to SSH and typing in ‘python -V’ or ‘rails -V’, respectively.

To install new gems, Bluehost users may contact Bluehost to request a gem, or install it themselves via the .bashrc file in their root directory. Editing the file and appending the correct export path to the end of it will allow the user to add their own Ruby gems to their Ruby on Rails installation. Bluehost’s Ruby interpretor itself is located in /usr/bin/ruby.

A lot of the biggest sites on the web rely on Ruby and Python. They’re powerful, high-level programing languages that make it possible to do things that HTML simply can’t touch. Fortunately for Bluehost users, Bluehost offers excellent support for both Python and Ruby on Rails, including recent versions of both languages.

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