Happy New Year 2020 in France, Celebration of New Year in Paris 2020

Happy New Year 2020 in France, Celebration of New Year in Paris 2020

Happy New Year 2020 in France, The territory of the country entails metropolitan area in Western Europe along with so many overseas territories and regions and that country is termed as France. The festival of New Year is oldest in France. The Day of this occasion is considered to be the public holiday in this country. This occasion is celebrated in France with sombreness and bliss by meeting and gathering with friends and family members. New Year’s Eve in France is also known as la Saint-Sylvestre.

Happy New Year 2020 in France Celebration

The day of Celebrate New Year 2020 in France is preferred to be celebrated in a private manner rather than in a social manner. Family members and close friends are invited to the houses of the people of France and the parties are supposed to be organised at home. The party which is organised is termed as une soiree dansante and special dinner is prepared for it. The midnight of 31 December is occupied with the celebration and warm welcome of New Year with festive and cheerful mood.

Happy New Year 2020 in France

The people of France consider the tradition of giving the gift of New Year to be important for giving a second thought. The people can give and take the gift in the form of special cookies, cakes and New Year cards etc. Happy New Year 2020 in France will be the best treat. Happy New Year 2020 in France will be the choice of all the countries of the world. The simplicity of the celebration of this occasion in France has given it a unique identity. There is no limit of enjoyment during the day of New Year 2020 in this country.

New Year Celebration in France 2020

The traditions of celebrating New Year are prevailing in France since so many years. Old traditions of this occasion of this country will be similar to French New Year 2020 Traditions. People are crazy about French New Year traditions. Now we will discuss different French traditions of New Year in the following manner.

How to Celebrate Happy New Year 2020 in France

The first tradition follows the cutting of the cake. The name of the cake is galette des rois. In this tradition, a special feast is organised and this feast is called as le Reveillon de Saint-Sylvestre. It is organised by preparing traditional dishes like foie gras (flavoured goose or duck) and pancakes. Champagne is also the part of it. This tradition is followed by a belief that this dinner will bring good luck and prosperity in the lives of people having the feast.

Watch Presidential Message on New Year in France

According to this tradition, during New Year President addresses the people of France on television by talking about past year and the coming year. This show is watched by all the people of France.

The third tradition is parade takes place in Paris. This parade is attended by thousands of entertainers, singers and dancers. The marching of the parade is carried out through various streets. On every 31st December, people of France start this parade in Chantilly and find the destination of Trocadero on January 1 under the Eiffel Tower.

Thus, Happy New Year in Paris style will make the occasion mind-blowing not only for the people of France but for the whole world. Happy New Year 2020 in French style will be recognized by its traditions and customs described in the above-written matter.

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